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About the company

Sheppard's Painting is your southwest neighborhood painter, and has been in business for over twenty-six years. We are a small and individually owned company that is better able to focus on your painting needs than a large corporation or national painting company. Through our experience painting throughout the metro area, we have learned that we are better able to service our customers by painting mostly in the southwest area, unlike other painting companys who service the entire metro area don't have the time to focus on the details like we do. We feel that focusing on the southwest neighborhood ensures better quality control and have been in this neighborhood for sixteen years. Prior to this, Sheppard's Painting worked for ten years in the Pinery development in Parker.

About the products we use

Sheppard's Painting uses only the highest quality products. Our caulking is a silicone/acrylic mixture that is covered by a 40-year warranty. Our primer, GPrime, is a high-quality, acrylic-based sealer that has the ability to remain flexible in Colorado's rapidly changing temperatures. GPrime not only seals bare areas, but also acts as a stain blocker to prevent any bleeding through your new paint. Sheppard's also uses the highest quality Kwal paints. Kwal is a Colorado-based company whose paint is specially formulated to endure the changing Colorado weather and is backed by a ten-year warranty. Kwal's Liquid Vinyl is sprayed to the siding of the home, and their Ambassador paint is rolled or brushed on the trim.

About our process

Sheppard's Painting believes that preparation is the most important part of a paintjob and our work reflects that belief. We begin the exterior painting process by power washing. Every house is power washed completely to remove dirt and pollution and is then backwashed to ensure a thorough rinse of any remaining particles. After the house is thoroughly dried, all failing paint is scraped to bare wood. These bare areas are then primed with GPrime. Failing caulk is scraped and removed and new caulk is applied to necessary areas. Loose areas are either nailed or tightened with screws. All siding is sprayed to proper coverage and trim is brushed with two complete coats. A final walk-around of the home is done at the completion of the job to ensure that all areas are satisfactory.


Sheppard's Painting has built a reputation for quality work and a high rate of customer satisfaction and has received a large amount of referral work. Included with our bid, you will find a list of residents that we have completed that vary in the location and age of their paintjobs. Please feel free to drive by these homes or contact these previous customers to obtain information on the quality of our work. Although this list is only a small percentage of our customer base, these satisfied customers and finished quality product represent the thousands of homes we have completed since we began.

Exterior carpentry work

Sheppard's Painting also performs a large amount of carpentry work. If any areas are found to be in need of attention during the painting process, we feel it necessary to perform the work at that time. Since it is not our policy to prime or paint rotten wood, and it is fairly inexpensive and easy, and rotten wood we find on a home is removed, replaced, primed and painted for no additional cost.

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